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Electricity Prices

According to the Energy Retail Association around 100,000 people switch energy supplier each week, the switching rates in Britain are the highest of any energy market in the world.

The main players within the UK energy market are the following six energy suppliers British Gas, EDF, Eon, Npower, Scottish and Southern Energy and Scottish Power. Together 98% of UK domestic energy customers are supplied by these suppliers. In terms of electricity as of the beginning of 2008, British Gas had the largest share of the electricity customers, followed by Eon, Scottish and Southern Energy, Npower, EDF and Scottish Power. The smaller electricity suppliers such as Ecotricity, First Utility, Good Energy, and Utilita accounted for roughly 0.3% of the UK domestic electricity supply.

As of December 2010 price rises are here again but customers must decide if they want to fix their bills now, or gamble that we have seen the last of the increases for the winter. Suppliers have caused anger by upping prices just in time for the winter, when usage is heaviest however for a few fast-acting customers it was ok as they were able to snap up a cheap fixed deal before all prices rose.

With electricity prices having already been raised once this winter it seems likely that the best non-fixed deals will remain better value then fixed tariffs. EDF Energy is the only big six supplier to have guaranteed to freeze standard gas and electricity prices for customers until March 2011, while E.ON is yet to make its pricing decision known.

According to experts we can expect to see increases in electricity prices of between 5-10% over the coming winter months with EDF first making the move and increasing rates by 2.6% from September

If you have never switched energy supplier or have not done it for a while then now is the time to do it, during the winter months. This is simply due to the fact that more energy is used during this period.

Electricity prices are different all over the country and the cheapest electricity supplier for you will depend upon where you live. By doing a quick electricity comparison you can see which tariff will be cheapest where you live.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    Shopping for electricity, is there a site where I can look up the prices?
    I am looking for a new electricity company. Is there a site where I can compare rates from all the companies as well as other information like how they get their energy?

    • ANSWER:
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    Who is the cheapest electricity provider in Philadelphia?
    I will be moving into a new house in Philadelphia near center city (zip code 19130) and am looking to find the cheapest electricity provider. It would also be great if anyone knew a way to compare rates of different providers as the house uses natural gas, water, and electricity. I am a college student so I want to find the cheapest utilities possible. Any adive and hel would be greatly apreciated.

    • ANSWER:
      You will probably be stuck with PECO, one of the least efficiently run utilities in the country. Lots of luck.

      Water is provided by the city. It isn't too bad. At least you will be getting Delaware River Water, rather than Schuylkill (pronounced "Skookill) Punch.

    How much are municipal rates and taxes in the rest of the world?
    How much do the rest of the world pay per month for a family of 4 for municipal rates, electricity and water. We in South Africa pay each month for electricity, water and then a "tax" to the municipality for services ie sewerage, rubbish removal and then property rates for our properties. Other South Africans that live in SA can also answer so that we can compare the different cities.

    • ANSWER:
      In UK I personally pay yearly £720 electricity £720 water and £1117 for the rest, my house is valued at around £250,000. The last three months cost me £400 pounds for water due to an unnoticed leak.

    How much do you pay for gas and electricity?
    My last bill was
    (US$) [FAQ-QUESTION].1158 / kWhr for electricity and .2880 / therm for gas

    How does this compare with your rates?

    • ANSWER:
      i pay 0.00 per month electric, and gas is 3800 per year

    What is the standard electricity cost in Bangkok in baht per unit?
    I'm going to be looking for a new apartment soon, and I'd like to know the standard rate so I can compare it against the landlords'.

    • ANSWER:
      I have a private residence in Bkk, and on my latest bill, the rate was 3.8 baht per unit. I know it is quite common for landlords to charge more than the government rate, I know someone who pays 9 baht per unit. It's just part of the cost of renting an apartment here, although I know some people whose landlords do not profit from the government rate. Most landlords make no secret of the fact that they profit from the electricity, as long as you are aware before you sign the lease.
      PS. I just found out the official govt. rate can be as low as 2.98 baht per unit, but the cost per unit is based on usage, the more you use, the higher the rate.